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The top 5 Virtual Influencers to know.

As we already know, Virtual Influencers or CGI influencers are computer-generated avatars presented on Social Media channels. Now let's talk about the top 5 Virtual Influencers.

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Unreal Engine launches a free digital fashion course.

The video game developer Epic Games is launched a free course to teach digital fashion skills needed to get a job in the metaverse in the future.​ The course, Unreal Futures: Careers in Fashion, is already available for free download.

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Metaverse explained: what is the Metaverse?

With the recent increase in popularity of the term metaverse for tech giants, as well for fashion conglomerates, let's get to the roots and understand what exactly it means. We are launching a series of articles to get deeper into the topic.

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Meet first fashion social media platform: Dizyner.

 In fact, it is so much easier to find yourself lost between entertaining videos, recipes, and your school friend's child photos. 

How can we actually use the power of social media to connect with the right people?

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Digital Fashion Houses.

Digital-only clothing is still a completely new concept for the fashion industry. There are yet many technologies to discover, but these brands are leading the creative potential of digital fashion now.

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Are video games the next platform for luxury fashion?

Having any time virtual access to collections and garments customers cannot normally afford, and what is more important, doesn’t have occasion to wear in reality, have accelerated interest in the gaming industry and virtual reality over the last year.

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Is digital the future of fashion?

Virtual clothing is the latest trend of the times when digitalization playing a significant role in the future of the fashion industry. Among production, marketing communications and planning, technologies are changing the concept of fashion itself during the pandemic.

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Virtual Influencers: who are they?

While we are still many years before we can see robots in our daily life, social media is already the place for H2R interactions..

Thanks to radical developments in science, engineering and artificial intelligence, Virtual Influencers are a new wave of online personalities.


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