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With fashion being the second-most polluting industry, technological innovations can offer enormous possibilities for a more sustainable future.


Digital clothing can benefit in multiple steps in production —creation, modeling, sampling, marketing, and (pre-)selling — much time before producing the physical version, reducing dramatically environmental impact. 

Brick-and-mortar stores are transforming to a combination of online and in-store experiences to usher consumers down the purchasing funnel. Younger generations are always connected, where they don’t want to be talked to but they want to be engaged with. Engaging with younger consumer means gamifying the business processes combining digital and physical aspects.

With the growing up digital native Gen-Z, businesses and luxury retailers should consider providing phygital experiences for their customers. HONEY helps to explore new possibilities with digital realities.

  • 3D design and digital twins

We work with fashion brands to create digital garments and accessories integrated in unique virtual designs.

We also help in producing digital twins of already existing items.

Both ways provide new opportunities for fashion, reduce costs and times in production and speed up the marketing activities by using 3D marketing campaigns reducing the costs associated with regular photoshoots.

To find out more information on our 3D services feel free to reach out to us at​​

  • Fashion films

We specialize in producing visually immersive 3D fashion films that showcase your brand's vision and products. Our team of experienced designers and animators bring your ideas to life through advanced visual effects, creative storytelling, and immersive sound design. From conceptualization to post-production, we ensure that every detail is carefully crafted to achieve a high-quality final product that stands out in the fashion industry.

  • AR filters

Augmented reality fashion allows user to virtually try on clothing before making a purchase, where the user gets a feel of what an outfit or product looks like without physically having it in front of them.

  • NFTs

We cover everything from consulting to strategic planning and partnerships. With our partnerships across metaverses,  we can offer wide range of compatible NFTs wearables for Metaverse activation.

Interested in metaverse compatibility? Check our Metaverse Wearables

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