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The Genesis: Visioners collection is based on the themes of empowerment and female strength through the lens of hope and support. The pieces are intended to be gentle, tender, and kind—an affirmation of our shared humanity. It's also meant to be a reminder that we can help each other achieve our goals by supporting one another.

The artworks themselves are representing a woman's body—it could be a representation of me, or you. She doesn't care what color your skin is or what gender you identify with; she just wants you to know that no matter who you are or where you come from, she supports you and believes in your dreams.


The NFTs will unlock further benefits for their owners as the project evolves such as stacking, free access to our next NFT project and more to be revealed.

All collectors will be able to access our future non-fungible projects, to participate at IRL events, events in the Metaverse & exhibitions and empowerment gatherings.