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NFT wearables refer to the virtual clothing a user’s avatar can be dressed with in virtual universes or metaverses. These garments and accessories are made through the use of blockchain technology, which help prove the uniqueness, authenticity and ownership, and are associated to “skins”, a game outfit or item which changes the look of an avatar.

The great potential of events in the Metaverse lies in the strong contact with the consumers of the future, the Gen Z or the even more budding Gen Alpha, who are increasingly interested in buying digital goods.

According to a recent study, Gen Z consumers would like to see brands develop virtual stores, and 30% of them are receptive to brands that sell apparel to dress up digital avatars.

Our in-house designs are currently made in 3D softwares, and are skinned, meshed, rigged, and transformed into game-ready assets for each metaverse. All our virtual garments are compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine meaning they are ready to be used across most gaming platforms. We support other metaversers such as Roblox, Decentraland and Sandbox too.

To find out more information on our Metaverse Wearables, feel free to reach out to us at​​

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