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Partnerships and collaborations

HONEY culture

We believe that the future of fashion is in the metaverse—the virtual world where all our favorite characters live. And we want to make sure that as many people as possible can join and enjoy it, regardless of their gender. That's why we are here: to help more females join web3, no matter what their background looks like or what they've been through.

HONEY, a digital fashion studio, is a place where we can connect with users who want to learn about blockchain technology but don't know how to get started or where to find information. We have workshops, meetups, and courses — all aimed at helping our community to learn how they can use technology in their daily lives.

Partnerships and collaborations

- If you are a fashion brand, influencer, or digital artist and would like to collaborate with us,

please send us an email to / Subject: Collaboration

- If you are a company and wish to establish a partnership with us, 

please send us an email to / Subject: Partnership

- If you are interested in joining HONEY, please check the open positions and the designers' form HERE.

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