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Akings Denim Pop Up store

In collaboration with Akings streetwear brand, we organized a New York fashion week pop-up store experience that brought together the most exciting up-and-coming designers handpicked by Akings founder, Alan King, to create an incubation lab for new ideas.

The store showcased exclusive hand-dyed items, one-of-a-kind pieces, and extremely limited edition fashion items that visitors could discover and enjoy.

HONEY's innovative approach to fashion design enabled the digitalization of physical collections, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create hyper-realistic avatars and immersive environments that provided guests with an unparalleled fashion experience. Through this process, guests were able to engage with fashion in a more dynamic and interactive way, experiencing the collection in a manner that transcended traditional physical limitations.

HONEY's focus on creating immersive, next-generation fashion experiences underscores its commitment to driving innovation and pushing boundaries in the industry.

The first featured designer of the “DENIM LABS” was AKINGS x EVERYØNE, which is a brand that focuses on DIY and individuality and its purpose is to show people that anything is possible.

Akings is a New York City based streetwear brand founded in 2017 by Alan King. Since the first pair of AKINGS stacked jeans, it’s always been about making customers feel like A KING.

Learn more about Akings here.

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