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Art Basel in Miami, digital takeover

This week, artist, creators and collectors from around the world are mingling together in what seems to be endless exuberant fare in Miami Beach. Art Basel Miami was held from 2nd to 4rd of December this year with 272 premier galleries from around 33 countries. This year all the rumors are about incredible NFT projects, a type of digital art or experience typically bought with cryptocurrency.

This year Art Basel Miami has presented an immersive project named "Humans + Machines" powered by Tezos blockchain. It consumes 2 million times less energy than Ethereum blockchain according to its official website. The show was accompanied by a fascinating experiences and series of talks featuring lead artists and professionals of the industry.

Apart all the incredible artworks and experiences presented during Art Basel in Miami, NFT marketplace SuperRare has surprised us even more! It has teamed up with the augmented reality app, SuperWorld, on an immersive display titled “RAREWORLD: An NFT Takeover.” Visitors of Art Basel Miami could download a RareWorld application to be able to view 3D and AR sculptures throughout the grounds from 20 artists carefully curated by SuperRare.

It’s been an incredible year for NFTs and this is just the beginning. NFTs are the future of immersive interactive art and the Miami Beach Convention Center seemed like the ideal setting to show the world a sneak peek of what we have in store.

SuperRare CEO John Crain

FVCKRENDER has released his first phygital piece, a Hybrid NFT Sculpture Titled ‘Existence//’ consist of NFT artwork and a real sculpture. The winning bid will also be gifted the physical artwork which is on view at Art Basel Miami.

Micah Johnson has presented AKU WORLD: MIAMI, a three-day interactive NFT exhibit. It featured a variety of elements including Aku’s Helmet, Merch Room, The Minting Room, Crypto Wallet, where participants could collect NFTs and purchase digital artwork by Raf Grassetti.

MADSTEEZ has dropped his NFT ://_WEENesis_4:44 and hosted an NFT Giveaway during the exhibition. The artist is being blind with one eye and, as he says, he sees only abstractions of colors. He uses these colors in his works, what makes an unforgettable effect.

It all feels like we are now at the forefront to see how NFT is shifting art, culture, fashion in creative harmony. Check how crypto affects fashion industry at Crypto Fashion Week.


About us:

HONEY is a women-led digital fashion studio founded in 2021. We specialise in fashion design and animation for metaverses, digitalisation of physical collections, and fashion NFT creation.

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