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Auroboros fully digital collection at London Fashion Week.

AUROBOROS digital collection for London Fashion week SS22 virtually dressed by SitaAbellan

Digital-only fashion brand Auroboros showed a ready-to-wear collection at London Fashion Week. In partnership with the Institute of Digital Fashion, they are bringing London Fashion Week back to life through IRL x URL.

London-based brandAuroboros, designed by Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova, is the first brand ever to present a digital-only ready-to-wear collection at a major fashion week.

Model and stylist SitaAbellan virtually dressed the 14-piece collection under the name ‘Biomimicry.’

The collection includes garments and accessories with nature-inspired design. Biomimicry is derived from a combination of nature and technology changing traditionally held values of fashion. The pieces unfurl and move as they are mythological plants, creating a complete sci-fi outfit. The collection is also advertised on billboards across London to attract the public's attention.

Auroborosis an actual member of The Sarabande Foundation: Founded by Lee Alexander McQueen. Its name takes inspiration from the 'ouroboros,' which expresses the unity of all things, material and spiritual according to Greeck and Egypt mythology. It is represented as a serpent with its tail in its mouth. It is a perfect representation of the brand Auroboros, where science and technology unities together in the creation of haute couture and ready-to-wear collections.

The full collection is available via the Auroboros official website.


About us:

HONEY is a women-led digital fashion studio founded in 2021. We specialise in fashion design and animation for metaverses, digitalisation of physical collections, and fashion NFT creation.

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