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Burberry's NFTs collection for Blankos Block Party

Burberry has partnered with Mythical Games to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) collection for Blankos Block Party.

Blankos Block Party is a multiplayer game, where users can purchase toys known as "Blankos," which live on a blockchain. NFT in gaming is worth its weight in gold due to the proof of verified authenticity where users can actually own the asset. Although Burberry is not the first luxury brand to release the NFT collection, it is still the first one to partner with Mythical Games.

A limited-quantity Blanko dubbed "Sharky B" features Burberry's TB Summer Monogram print and is inspired by the game's Animal Kindom, which can be purchased and sold within the Blankos Block Party marketplace.

Burberry also announced that they are launching additional in-game NFT accessories as part of their collection consisting of pool shoes and jetpacks. Users will be able to purchase the items and dress them on any Blanko - in-game character.

Luxury fashion brand Burberry has previously explored gaming when they designed complete outfits (skins) for Honor of Kings, and now they are taking a new step ahead.

The limited-edition Burberry Blanko is available at Blankos Block Party marketplace worldwide from 11 August.

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