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Converse new Virtual Shop built on Garbage Island

Converse new Virtual Shop built on garbage island

The Converse All Starts in partnership with Take 3 for the Sea has opened a virtual store in the Pacific to drive attention to the problem of ocean pollution.

The campaign is held not only for raising awareness of plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean but also to attract valuable funds for Taking 3 for the Sea to clean the ocean and waterways.

Under this collaboration, Converse All Stars, launched a fully virtual Renew Labs Store on top of the Garbage Patch. Online visitors can buy sneakers from the company, offering their own price as a donation, which will be used to finance the cleaning of plastic debris from the ocean.

The insidious Garbage Patch, which is located in the Pacific Ocean, contains an estimated 80 million tons of plastic what in its terms cover around 1.6 MM Square Kilometers of the ocean.

Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean
Source: Forbes


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