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Crypto Fashion Week take off

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The second installment of CFW was held for 7 days, from 10th to 17th of September, featuring fashion-related events and NFT auctions.

As our perception of fashion is evolving, such events as Crypto Fashion Week is not a surprise anymore. Cryptofashion is digital fashion that can be authenticated by the blockchain and then traded. Celebrating its second roll-up, Crypto Fashion Week launched the first-ever META GALA, which is inspired by New York’s Met Gala. A digital fashion show marks a celebration of digital fashion towards realization itself into the metaverse and features Rare 1 of 1 NFT auction.

Highlighting the limitless possibilities of fashion, Meta Gala is presented as a digital show in a form of an interactive 3D experience. The main concept is empathizing how we build the new world and calls to re-imagine the connections between high and low, from above and below, around the principles of decentralization, with style.

The show featured a limited collection of 10 recycled tees in an NFT format. Each artwork is a rare collectible and represents creativity in a combination of styles, cultures, and forms. In addition, buyers of the artworks received a unique physical token that gives them access to exclusive drops from Crypto Fashion Week and its partners.

CFW underlines that they donated a portion of all the proceeds to the R2W - DIGITAL FASHION DESIGN FUND.


About us:

HONEY is a women-led digital fashion studio founded in 2021. We specialise in fashion design and animation for metaverses, digitalisation of physical collections, and fashion NFT creation.

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