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Crypto Queen: Paris Hilton's NFT projects

Apparently, Paris Hilton is an advocate for cryptocurrency and the general NFT movement, she even discussed it on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Hilton says she invested in both Bitcoin and Ethereum in early 2016 when BTC was valued below $1,000 and ETH below $10. Say what?

At the beginning of the year, she introduced pets – “Crypto Hilton” and “Ether Reum” - collection, and created an NFT-focused Instagram account. However, her main artworks have become Planet Paris short video series made in partnership with Blake Kathryn. They earned Hilton over $1 million in sales.

Check the collection profile on Opensea.

Paris Hilton NFT short video series Planet Paris


"We hope it transports you to an ethereal moment of peace like it has for us"

Hilton stated on her bio

Lately, Paris Hilton has also listed three NFTs from her collection on Sotheby’s metaverse marketplace with each piece coming with a poem or message. The first NFT already has a bid higher than 10,000 EUR.

NFT adoption continues to grow as creatives across the globe including artists, celebrities, athletes, and musicians, continue to offer their own NFTs to the public. Read the latest NFT news here and do not forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel.


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