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Digital fashion at Ukrainian Fashion Week

Pushka School presented 8 digital fashion brands on 5th September within Ukrainian Fashion Week noseason 2021.

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Source: Kai Kai

Fashion was already in a need of change when pandemic restrictions escalated the inevitable transformation. 2021 is the year when we see more and more digital fashion brands popping up at fashion weeks across the world. Ukrainian Fashion Week does not stand aside and even encourages young designers to stick to alternatives to traditional manufacturing practices.

During the event, the interactive installation BE SUSTAINABLE! displayed young sustainable designers and presented The Swapchain, a global digital apparel platform, where the ecological footprint of each garment can be traced using Blockchain technology.

Following the main topic of Fashion Week - conscious consumption, Pushka School dedicated its fashion show to environmental protection. By sticking to digital fashion, 3D designers are no longer in a need of creating sketches and passing the whole sampling process avoiding harm to the environment. Pushka Digital Show featured 8 collections made by its alumni - designers of a new generation, who go much beyond the conventional show formats: TaNich, 0820-SFF, nemaimesyats, Yakovleva Anna, ALIONA PRODAN, dfd_360, Blanc de Blanc, KAI KAI.

"Flower of shame" virtual collection was presented by digital fashion brand KAI KAI and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ambassador Teo Alien. The video is an actual eco-statement, which represents the worry about the current ecological situation and simultaneously following joy of releasing that new generation recognizes values and fragility of our planet.

The collection itself is created around the element of water, in which the heroine is dressed. Further, the avatar gradually plunges into the water, which, striving for protection, freezes and turns into massive armor.

This state of water symbolizes the refusal to be fluid and malleable, the refusal to obey and tolerate the careless treatment of people.

- KAI KAI digital brand

While almost 70% of the Earth is made up of water, many countries in the world already suffer from clean water shortage. The creators believe that digital technologies will help us take more responsible actions towards the environment and look differently at our consumption.

Creators participated in this project: Music - Teo Alien (@teo_alien), Sergey Govorun (@sergegovorun) Music video creation - Kai Kai (@kaikai_design) Editing - Edward Usidus Shoes - ISDKV (@isdkv)

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