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Digital Fashion Houses

Digital-only clothing is still a completely new concept for the fashion industry. There are yet many technologies to discover, but these brands are leading the creative potential of digital fashion now:


A community of free thinkers and visioners who believe in the power of art to change lives. HONEY is committed to empowering women through its work, and support local artists in their creative endeavours.

2. Auroboros

One of the pioneers in digital fashion sector merging technologies with fashion to create cyber couture.

2. The Fabricant

Born in Amsterdam, the digital fashion house calls itself a company of creative technologies in the fashion industry.

3. Tribute Brand

Specialized in contactless cyber fashion, Croatia-based digital house collections are inspired by futuristic design.

4. Placebo

Digital fashion house creates wearable collections for different realities on the edge of technology and innovation.


Trendwatching virtual footwear brand designs pieces inspired by architecture and structural patterns.

6. RTFKT studios

Rooted in fashion and gaming, the luxury digital brand creates virtual footwear, limited edition custom sneakers, and collectibles.

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