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Digital Fashion week New York hits new horizons

Immersive fashion shows in the decentralized metaverse.

Digital Fashion Week New York (DFWNY) was held from February 10 to 13 and featured a perfect tandem of virtual runway shows, exhibitions, digital screenings, panel discussions, and workshops. Unfortunately, a part of the event had resulted to be postponed due to technical difficulties, and access to the Metaverse Fashion show was severely restricted during the weekend.

Visitors are connecting through V-Gather, a 3D virtual experience platform provider, where everyone can freely navigate the environment, stop and interact with the stands and purchase items in the designer's boutique with a virtual goody bag.

The part that was held as planned was runway shos, AR, and XR experiences with virtual try-on, NFT sales, panel discussions, and workshops dedicated to the future of fashion in the gaming industry and generally in fashion, as well as NFTs in the industry.

Guests will be able to continue experiencing virtual catwalk shows and shop in digital fashion designers' boutiques, which had to be hosted in partnership with metaverse platform Queendom, from February 24 to 26.


About us:

HONEY is a women-led digital fashion studio founded in 2021. We specialise in fashion design and animation for metaverses, digitalisation of physical collections, and fashion NFT creation.

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