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Gap first NFTs collection

Collect the common, rare, and epic metallic series.

Following fashion conglomerates, Gap has officially launched non-fungible tokens of its classic hoodie, marking its first attempt into the NFT market. The digital collection is presented in a range of limited-edition sweatshirts designed by Frank Ape.

The experience is fully built on the Tezos blockchain, a more energy-efficient option, which is very coherent with the brand's move towards sustainability.

The NFTs come in a series of digital hoodie art, with three levels of rarity at different price ranges. Common level pieces starting at roughly 7,50EUR (2 tez), were on sale until 8:59 a.m. PT Saturday. The Rare has dropped Saturday for 22,5 EUR (6 tez) and Epic on Tuesday for 370 EUR (100 tez). Brand mentioned that the One of a Kind auction will begin Jan. 24 at 9 a.m. PT.

The rarest is the epic level includes digital art by Sines and a physical Gap x Frank Ape sweatshirt, but for that shoppers needed to purchase four common and two rare NFTs to get the chance to buy an epic one according to the collection website.

The digital assets are available at

In other news, Adidas Originals made its debut NFT collection, marking its first step towards the Metaverse.

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