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Gatebox voice assistant has grown to human size

Now Gatebox officially announced that their virtual assistants, the new AI Waifu, have grown to human size.

Let’s look back on 2016 when a Japanese brand Gatebox has launched a revolutionary technology: the first-ever holographic virtual assistant. That time, it already had all the voice assistant features: voice control, WiFi, speaker. The innovation did not stop only there, the assistants could communicate with its owner in chat when he is outside of home providing physiological and emotional support.

In March, Gatebox announced that a new smart hologram will be presented on a 65-inch 4k OLED display and can now be used, for example, as a digital concierge or information center in a shopping mall. The Virtual Assistant remains the same as for previous models, a female anime character named Azuma Hikari, and can be controlled by voice.

Founders say that the hologram can be programmed for a number of scenarios, and potentially it can be adapted for home use as a nanny.

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