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Horizon Worlds' is free for users in US and Canada

Meta officially announced for US and Canada Quest owners free access to the company’s VR Playground 'Horizon Worlds'.

As you may already be familiar with Meta’s decision to dive into Metaverse, Horizon Worlds is a social VR experience where creators can build words and explore others together. Different Horizon Venues are already available, making them a standalone experience for throwing large events in VR, and Horizon Workrooms.

A key part of Horizon Worlds for creators is the ability to write basic code that sets rules for how objects work. This code acts very similar to layers in Photoshop and helps to attach behaviors to objects. For the moment, Horizon Worlds are not monetized yet, either for creators or player.

Horizon Worlds also announced that the company is launching new mechanics, templates, and blocks library for creators to use when building their own games.

If you did not know yet, head to our article about how Facebook is building its metaverse. Subscribe to our Telegram channel to be the first ones to know about how social media giants try to surpass the competition.

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