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Interview with CLOI's team

honeyloveclub hosted an interview with the team of CLOI, a digital fashion application. Created to express personalities in a virtual world, CLOI App allows users to animate their clothes and share them across social media.

Could you tell us more about yourself? Are you into fashion personally?

We are Cloi team! Cloi is an ecosystem that provides 360 services in digital fashion, and also it‘s a mobile app for changing your outfits 24/7. We are building a “Farfetch of digital clothes”. We provide technologies that help brands, designers and influencers promote and sell their digital outfits, and where people can dress them within seconds.

What does success look like for the company?

One of our main goals is to make digital fashion accessible to the whole world: without financial, gender, political and other boundaries. The global goal is a growing number of users of digital clothing.

Tell me about the work environment and the culture of the team.

The core of the team is concentrated in Russia, but also we work a lot with guys around the world. We try to work with those who share our ideas and goals in life, the same desire to change the fashion industry and those who think outside the box.

What do you think about Digital Fashion potential?

We know the potential is huge! It’s a new alternative to fast fashion that we all need, a powerful tool for eco-activists and all those who are passionate about the future of our planet. We think digital fashion is not only revolutionary content for social media networks, but also endless possibilities for designers, brands, and trendsetters.

What do you value most as one of the pioneers in digital fashion AI?

The ability to influence conscious consumption, make smart shopping, so people wouldn’t harm the environment as much as they do now.

What could you share with the designers, who are just starting in Virtual Clothing?

The main program for creating virtual clothes is Clo3D. It takes a lot of practice to create impressive and realistic clothing. But you also need to master other 3D programs in order to create cool renders with an exterior, cool background, various textures that cannot be created in Clo3d. Also, a cool skill for digital designers - the ability to create avatars in order to create full-fledged 3D creatives and not to be limited to just creating clothes.

Is there’s anything you’d like to add?

The development of virtual fashion is a new step in the field of fashion. Projects like Cloi are moving and developing this trend. People change their minds about fashion and consumption. And we change the world for the better.

Digital fashion allows us to turn to a more conscious consumption combating climate change. Try CLOI App and make your choice today! Available on App Store.

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