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Is AI generated content a good idea?

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years, and with it, AI art has emerged as a new genre of art. AI art refers to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to generate images, videos, and other forms of creative content.

AI-generated content is a concept created and operated by people, the algorithms are created by programmers in order to make the machine “learn” how to make art. Companies are able to speed up their processes and create tailored content for different clients and audiences. Artificial Intelligence can generate hyperrealistic images thanks to the Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) that not only help the creative digital industry - for example, AI images are also used in medicine to explore new treatments or depict disease symptoms. This technology is able to create 3D renders, drawings, illustrations, photography, infographics, and much more.

AI is being used across fashion brands for a variety of different processes, from inventory management and trend forecasting to product design and image generation.

Recently, HONEY participated in the Dress-X competition, which gives winners an opportunity to be produced, distributed and monetised.

HONEY AI generated fashion collection

Although technology is constantly improving, the quality is not yet perfect. It may also happen that the images could be perceived as fake by the viewers. Another big criticism of AI art is that it lacks human emotion or that we still don’t really know who to credit. Should the machine be considered the author or the algorithm’s creator?

AI is part of our daily lives and it can help us even more in the future in many areas of our private, professional, and creative life. AI is a great aid - it offers new possibilities for artists and for various industries to implement it in their workflow. It’s able to do research, overcome writer’s block, translate languages, create templates, and more.


About us:

HONEY is a women-led digital fashion studio founded in 2021. We specialise in fashion design and animation for metaverses, digitalisation of physical collections, and fashion NFT creation.

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