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Is digital the future of fashion?

Virtual Clothing and digital-only fashion explained.

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Source: The Fabricant

Virtual clothing is the latest trend of the times when digitalization playing a significant role in the future of the fashion industry. Among production, marketing communications and planning, technologies are changing the concept of fashion itself during the pandemic.

Key industry players have been already implemented some digital experiences before, however, the digital transformation of the fashion industry has arrived much later compared to other industries.

The fashion industry has been hit by pandemic the most, and 2020 was the acceleration year for Digital Fashion solutions such as Virtual Catwalks and AR Clothing. This transformation raised the continuous interest in virtual clothing and digital outfits. Thereby, what is digital fashion, and how does digital fashion actually works?

During the pandemic, which is preventing physical contact between designers and manufacturers, the overall fashion's digital transformation has quickly accelerated. Many designers had to switch to 3D software testing the parts of the collection in virtual reality. Body scanners create a digital copy of a person - an avatar - based on which future garment is virtually fitted and generated.

Digital-only fashion is a new category for a visual representation of clothing made and sometimes printed using computer technologies and 3D software.

The garment itself, then, can be used in a post on Instagram, Snapchat mask, What's App GIF, as a skin in the game, and on other online platforms. Virtual clothes are one of many ways to express your personality, allowing try things that you might never dress in real life. Our social media profiles are already a part of our identities, so here virtual clothing plays a crucial role. Now you can have a limitless wardrobe for all the photos you want without taking space in your apartment and any harm to the environment!

Our addiction to buying more and more garments sends more textile waste to landfills. Italy alone has generated more than 450,000 tonnes worth of textiles in 2019 study shows. Bringing together digital fashion and sustainability, virtual clothing are not only healthier for your wallet but also for the planet!

Source: HONEY

It may seem like a scene from one of the Black Mirror episodes, but the future is already here.


About us:

HONEY is a women-led digital fashion studio founded in 2021. We specialise in fashion design and animation for metaverses, digitalisation of physical collections, and fashion NFT creation.

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