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KARL LAGERFELD first NFT collectible is sold out in first hour

The House of KARL LAGERFELD proudly presented its first-ever launch of NFT collection on the Dematerialised, a digital fashion marketplace, at 3 p.m. CET on Friday. The launch was powered by the less energy-intensive LUKSO. blockchain.

Limited-edition NFT features animated caricatures of the silhouette of Karl Lagerfeld and is inspired by the designer’s famous quote.

I am like a caricature of myself, and I like that

- Karl Lagerfeld

With seven being Lagerfeld’s lucky and ever favorite number, the first version of the collectible will be priced at 77 EUR (around 90 USD) and available to 777 consumers.

The second version, priced at 177 EUR (around 210 USD) in an edition of only 77 pieces for the lucky customers, was sold in the first few seconds. This collectible is considered a premium version of the previous avatar with an ethereal glow, and a futuristic motive.

According to the Lagerfeld company, NFT collectors will be able to update Karl's look during future digital drops.

The Dematerialised plant a mangrove tree with every NFT purchase in collaboration with an initiative RE:EARTH.

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