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Meet first fashion social media platform: Dizyner

Created by a fashion designer for a fashion designer: fashion designers first, fashion industry second.

With social media in hand, so much has changed for the fashion industry. Ten years ago, when magazines were still considered the bible for inspiration, many fashion designers needed to actually print their portfolios.

Today, more than a billion images are shared daily on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. With the rise of social media users, you may think about what platform is the right one for you. In fact, it is so much easier to find yourself lost between entertaining videos, recipes, and your school friend's child photos.

How can we actually use the power of social media to connect with the right people?

Meet Dizyner, a worldwide fashion social media to create, showcase and share your portfolio, find collaborators, and make important connections for your future. The platform works as just a classic social media, where users can like, follow, share and message each other. The home feed is backed up with high-quality visuals from people of the industry, which you can save to your own inspo pool and get back anytime you need to boost your vital creativity.

Designs used in a product review are kindly provided by: Ermina Avdisha, Anete oak, Fiona Mitchell, Irina Blagochevskaya, Julia Edich, Kristina Kyrychok.

The beta launch version of Dizyner will be experienced as a fashion design social media, while more significant features will follow shortly.

There is no career platform out there that is suitable for the needs of fashion designers. Sure, there is an upload button in your LinkedIn profile. But does a LinkedIn profile function as a showroom for fashion designs? No. On the other hand, does an Instagram profile function as a platform that really could push your career, freelance requests, or will gain a headhunter’s attention? No, Instagram’s algorithm is, in fact, working against your visibility, does not showcase your work in an adequate way (like, can we talk about high-resolution images and formats?) to a meaningful audience.

Desirée Uebbing

CEO and co-founder of DIZYNER

An essential virtual place for all kinds of fashion designers and retailers, from traditional fashion design to digital fashion and fashion NFTs, is launching soon. You can join the waiting list here.

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