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Metaverse Fashion Week: get ready for the first season

Decentraland in partnership with UNXD is about to host Metaverse Fashion week's first edition.

This week, UNXD, a curated marketplace for digital culture, and Decentraland, a virtual reality platform, has officially announced on Twitter that the Metaverse Fashion Week is coming at the end of March.

In separate Tweets, the companies called on “all designers, brands, and fashionistas to a week of pop-up shops, catwalk shows, after-parties and immersive experiences” with the new hashtag #mvfw2022”.

Decentraland is already very well known in the industry for hosting several shows and events such as annual Art Week and several music concerts. In recent months, a plot of virtual land was sold for €2.1 million in the online social world, obliterating its own previous record sale of €810,000 earlier this year.

In addition to the pure game-play aspect of this burgeoning new ecosystem, all metaverse experiences have seen a high growth of fashion activity in recent months. UNXD, an exclusive marketplace for digital luxury and culture, is not staying aside. Powered by Polygon blockchain, it launched Dolce&Gabbana’s debut NFT drop earlier this year, which was sold for approximately €6 million.

Apart from this, all businesses may take a huge advantage of the opportunities created by the right focus on immersive virtual experiences.

The newly-announced metaverse fashion week is set for March 24 and 27, and will enable users and players to view the runway presentations, engage and communicate with other participants, and purchase the virtual garments and accessories for their online avatars.

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