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Monthly round-up: Facebook’s Biggest Outage, Facemoji for Twitter.

The Visual Capitalist report has unveiled the list of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands of 2021. Not surprisingly, the first 10 companies are linked to tech and experienced massive growth in 2020.

As the competition gets more intense, any mistake for social media giants can grind to haul.

While Facebook experienced its biggest global outage since 2008, with Instagram and WhatsApp also down, Telegram sees 70 million new registered users in a day.

Facebook itself also lost out greatly, with many investors selling off the company’s shares which ultimately resulted in CEO Mark Zuckerberg losing $6 billion USD. Facebook has since explained that the outage was caused by configuration changes on its side and shut down any suggestion of data breaches and leaks.

Mark Zuckerberg appears to have lost over $6 billion USD with many investors selling off the company’s shares. Since that Facebook has explained that the configuration changes caused the outage.

Meanwhile, Pavel Durov has got a chance to reassure its users regarding the stability and safety of Telegram on its channel:

For the new users I’d like to say this – welcome to Telegram, the largest independent messaging platform. We won’t fail you when others will.

Despite all of this, digitalization in every aspect of our daily lives is pushing competition for more creative solutions.

Trying to jump on the hype, Twitter invests in an avatar startup called Facemoji. Facemoji currently is building its startup’s SDK to help game and app developers put avatar systems into their apps. The team hopes that soon people will have an option of integrating their own avatars into the next Zoom meeting or even attending a class.

If you did not know yet, head to our article about how Facebook is building its metaverse. Subscribe to our Telegram channel to be the first ones to know about how social media giants try to surpass the competition.

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