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Ruby 9100m for Adidas

Adidas has teamed up with CGI influencer Ruby 9100m for Orzah take over. Digital artist has redesigned the shoes with new conceptual-looking silhouette.

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RUBY 9100M is a Virtual influencer or so-called CGI influencer, identifies herself as an interaction between human and posthuman. She has already been featured globally and partnered with different luxury houses. Ruby has already partnered with Bulgari for their perfume collection.

Vogue Hong Kong feature as its CGI guest editor and Marie Claire Hong Kong.

Particularly for this collaboration, Adidas wanted to dive into a more futuristic concept and the trashy appearance of RUBY 9100M has come in handy. She reworked the Ozrah bringing her appearance into it, and the new butterfly hangtag features RUBY’s name. As Adidas notes, “She uses the butterfly symbol to remind and inspire us that transformation is always possible, and who we are at our core is always essential.” The Orzah shoes are available for purchase at Adidas official website with a cost of 140 EUR (approx. 165 USD).

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