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The top 5 Virtual Influencers to know

As we already know, Virtual Influencers or CGI influencers are computer-generated avatars presented on Social Media channels. Now let's talk about the top 5 Virtual Influencers.

1. Lil Miquela – 3 million followers

Brazilian and Spanish Instagram influencer Lil Miquela is one of the first-ever created digital influencers. The 22-year-old is an LA-based singer, model, and fashion influencer.

Her most popular video, where she kisses supermodel Bella Hadid for Clavin Klien just shacked out the social media world and got more than 450k views.

 Lil Miquela, Bella Hadid, Clavin Klien, cgi influencer, computer generated influencer, avatar

2. Seraphine – 450k followers

Seraphine is another Virtual Influencer in association with Riot Games. Currently she is presented on three social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud) where she shares her music, thoughts and everyday life.

Her partners, Jasmine Clarke, Absofacto, and Kosuke Kasza, helped in the voice creation and produce different Seraphine’s covers and songs for YouTube and social media.

Seraphine, cgi influencer, computer generated influencer, avatar

3. Bermuda - 290k followers

Bermuda is an LA based Virtual Influencer and wants to inspire young entrepreneurs to pursue their business dreams. She has also been created by Brud. She is represented by the same PR company that handles the press relationships of Frank Ocean, Grumes and Björk.

Bermuda used to be a Trump supporter and released several singles on Spotify. A while ago she had a robotic relationship with fellow influencer Blawko, which ended last year.

Bermuda, cgi influencer, computer generated influencer, avatar

4. Blawko - 153k followers

Blawko has been created by LA-based Brud as Lil-Miquela, and position himself as a young robot sex symbol with a high passion for tech. Blawko is also represented by PR firm Huxley.

He’s one of the most mysterious of all the virtual influencers due to the fact that you cannot actually see his whole face. Mostly he wears a mask, or someone covers half of his face. He mostly wears street style and has many different tattoos, even with the name Brud on his right thigh.

Blawko, Lil-Miquela, Bermuda, cgi influencer, computer generated influencer, avatar

5. Imma – 330K followers

Imma is a model and Virtual fashion influencer, created by Tokyo-based CG company Modeling Cafe. She has Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, the last one gets more than 5 million views per video!

She looks hyper-realistic with flawless skin, pastel pink hair and her unique style as you might not even understand that she is an AI model.

Imma, cgi influencer, computer generated influencer, avatar


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