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The Web3 Fashion Storytelling

MeetaClub and HONEY had partnered up for the official kick off of Swan, a unique series of women brunch discovering Web3. Join our lovely community and make meaningful connections while learning together!

MeetaClub is known for organising incredible events across Europe. The main goal is that every member of the community comes into a safe space, discovering and confronting different ideas, projects and common skills boosting the community’s creativity and sense of belonging.

HONEY, as a digital fashion studio, will present a new avatar collection with the brand's signature elements as well as new filters for AR experiences.

Programme of the event

15.00 - 15.30 am Registration & Getting to know each other;

15.30 - 16.30 am Presentations with Q&A

16.30 am - 17.30 pm Fashion Metaverse Tour - your time to shine;

18.00 pm End.

The event consists of a brandly new series thought by WOMEN for all the WOMEN around the globe. The main goal is to introduce and explain the web3 potentials within a women's circle, contributing to female empowerment and education to onboard more women into Web3 space.

We decided to focus on the Future of Fashion, analysing the contribution of the digital into physical and how the phygital look!

In the first part of the morning we will learn from the experience of two Cool Fashionable Women, presenting their projects and giving us a wide range of possible scenarios:

Check the Eventbrite event here.

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