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Virtual Influencer Shudu to Test Drive Lexus LF-Z

Lexus continues to look into the future by taking its virtual interiors concept to a new level inviting Virtual Influencer Shudu to take the car for a virtual test drive.

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Source: Lexus

In April, Lexus launched the Virtual Interiors series in a collaboration with three pioneering artists and designers, Salehe Bembury, Ondrej Zunka, and Hender Scheme, to reimagine the interior of the LF-Z Electrified. By 2025, the manufacturer plans to present 20 models, including updates of current variants and completely new cars.

The team started work on this project by reimagining LF-Z Electrified interiors towards hyper-futuristic design and digital artwork, to which Shuda is a perfect complement. She has also brought warmth and human touch to the newage interior. The synergy of the Virtual Influencer with Lexus's design stands right at the intersection of reality and digital art.

You can check out the virtual interiors created by artists who participated in this project at the Lexus official website.

The digital influencer already worked with Lexus last year on Freedom to Move project and was featured in Vogue Australia, Glamour Brasil and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

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