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Voice is launching the first ever environmentally friendly NFT marketplace

Voice launching the first environmentally friendly NFT platform. For the moment it is only available in the beta version and will be fully accessible later this month. The platform is a carbon-neutral NFT for sale marketplace with an environmentally friendly approach.

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Source: Voice

Voice is an emerging company founded one year ago has a great mission: to become a social trading platform where users can create NFT arts in a variety of formats – visual, written, audio and video. It aims to solve the Non-Fungible token environmental impact and high energy consumption by letting buyers purchase creations with a standard credit card.

Voice is resolving the highest environmental issue of all NFT by partnering with Delegated proof of stake, which is a highly efficient blockchain network that does not require massive server farms making Voice 65,000 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin.

The NFT marketplace is already partnering with creators like Kimberly Drew, and Myriam Ben Salah, as well as with photographer Misan Harriman, who are partners in Voice’ NFT Residency Program.

I’ve always been interested and loved the idea of digital art and the value of digital art being akin to the value of physical art. And I love the idea that the non-fungible token is allowing digital artists to be able to have a voice and have a value in their voice. I see the most potential in NFTs by democratizing talent and merit for those who have always not had access to the gatekeepers.

- Photographer Misan Harriman

This first-of-its-kind partnership will mark the revolutionary technology in the industry with no NFT gas fees showcasing emerging designers, photographers, artists, and musicians.

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