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We are HONEY, a female led digital fashion fashion house based in Milan, Italy. With the goal to enchase experiences beyond physical world, HONEY offers traditional fashion brands endless opportunities by expanding the possibilities of digital universes.


We are committed to continuously delivering a fascinating experience on the bridge between traditional and innovative fashion in the Metaverse.


Our tailor made Web3 activations comprises within three main areas: digital fashion development & virtual fitting, hyper realistic & gamified avatars and metaverse environment creations. We use the latest technologies—namely, NFT (non-fungible tokens), blockchain authentication, and augmented reality—to create and embed unique digital assets. Not only for the tech enthusiasts: our aim is to enchase Web3 opportunities by providing easy navigable phygital experiences accessible to everyone.


We are a community driven digital fashion house and to achieve the best possible outcome, we work with an individually tailored team of both in-house creatives and external freelancers. We are a female led and operated brand, where we cherish their participation in the future we are stepping into. 


HONEY builds the future of fashion and retail by transforming traditional consumption into more digital & sustainable.


We believe that digital fashion will continue changing the fashion industry as it is today embraces technology in order to be relevant for new generations. We are always looking for ways to improve our solutions as well as our products so that we can help your brand to find new strategies to enchase digital fashion opportunities.


Through our commitment to building community, we provide a comfortable space that encourages collaboration and co-creation in addition to hosting regular events, such as workshops and networking opportunities for women.


We try to bring circularity into the system, by offering fair strategies and workflows between our teams and prioritising the most essential structures for improvements within the industry as well as considering the environmental, physical, and mental aspects of our final deliverable services to hopefully reduce the physical waste and extend a more clear vision towards our relationship with fashion.


Fashion is the most polluted industry, by using digital fashion we give you a chance to contribute to a more sustainable future.

HONEY is mostly using Ethereum blockchain, which is switching its Proof of Work mechanism for a Proof of Stake one (Ethereum 2.0.). This reduces energy consumption by 99,95%.