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HONEY is a women-led digital fashion studio based in Milan, Italy.

We are specialised in Fashion Design, animation for metaverses, digitalisation of physical garments, and fashion NFT creation. What we offer consists of Project development, single piece-garments, and theme-related collections fully designed from scratch and digitalised to be used for numerous purposes on digital platforms as well as metaverses.



We try to bring circularity into the system, by offering fair strategies and workflows between our teams and prioritising the most essential structures for improvements within the industry as well as considering the environmental, physical, and mental aspects of our final deliverable services to hopefully reduce the physical waste and extend a more clear vision towards our relationship with fashion.

We wholeheartedly believe that women can be entrepreneurs, bosses, and leaders, and we cherish their participation in the future we are stepping into. Taking into consideration also the wonderful men that work along in our team and add value to what we do, our aim is to promote gender diversity in the industry accompanied with a thought-through structure to construct a safe and mindful metaverse for our future generations.

Meet the partners

Svetlana Yakunina

Partner and business leader of HONEY

Graduated in the field of Luxury Management, currently focused on digitalisation and technology in Art and Fashion, offering a broad platform and new opportunities to better intertwine Tech into businesses, leadership and life-style aspects of the future.

Nastaran Hashemi

Partner and creative director of HONEY

Graduated in the field of Fashion design and proceeding with a Tech oriented focus in Fashion, communicating a plausible perspective towards the future of fashion through visuals and what can possibly redefine the human of the future to be more mindful, practical and transparent.